1. Members and Club staff must abide by the Covid-19 signage posted by the City
2. Any person entering/using the facility must maintain a physical distance of at least two meters
3. Hand sanitizer must be used prior to entering the club, before and after playing and after using common items such as equipment and chairs/benches
4. Wear a mask or face covering except when playing tennis
5. No outside capacity limits where physical distancing can be maintained
6. Singles and doubles play supported following safe distance protocols
7. *Lessons; 1:4 coach to student ratio same household
8. No guest players or open houses for non-members
9. No club leagues, social events or tournaments.
10. Clubhouses can be accessed for first aid, washroom and hand washing purposes only while an executive member is present.
11. No spectators permitted, however each person under 18 may be accompanied by one parent or guardian