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Springfield Tennis Club
Address: 3325 The Credit Woodlands,
Mississauga, ON
L5C 2J8

Contact #: (416) 846-5739

Springfield Tennis Club is located in Springfield Park which is bounded by Burnhamthorpe Rd West to the north, Dundas St West to the south, Mavis Rd to the east and Mississauga Rd to the west.
The most direct route would be to take The Credit Woodlands from Burnhamthorpe Rd West or from Dundas St West.

Frequently Asked Questions

Members can enter the courts daily from 6am - 11pm.  The lights automatically turn off at 11pm.  The clubhouse will not be open at all times but arrangements can be made by calling or texting 416-846-5739.  Check the Club Calendar for times when the courts will be occupied by League Play, Round Robins and Junior Camps/Lessons.

Due to Covid-19 Protocols, Guests are not permitted at this time.

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